Improvement in Performance for the New Hino Trucks

With the release of the new 300 Series Light-duty truck, there is also an improvement in performance for the new Hino trucks, with a new model being introduced for those looking for even more oomph. Hino claims to offer the World the most powerful Japanese-built light-duty truck range and this claim has been further advanced […]

Computing Power Fitted into new heavy commercial vehicles – HCV, MHCV and MHBC

The amount of computing power fitted into a truck as a matter of course has multiplied considerably in recent years. the amount of data flying around in a CANbus on a Euro6 truck is many times greater than that used in its Euro5 predecessor. The truck system is no longer a central ECU with a […]

France clarify driver rest-period rules and announce fines

The French authorities have confirmed that drivers of vehicles up 3.5 tons cannot serve their daily and weekly rest periods onboard their vehicles. Doing so could result in a fine of 1,500 euros. Roof sleeping cabins and tents are not allowed. France declares the ban on taking rest periods in vehicles up to 3.5 t. […]

Sunshine in Zagreb and Not a Driver to be Seen

It’s a pleasant 28 degrees in Zagreb. World Professional Championship Teams should be making their final adjustments to their world tile challenge. On Thursday competing teams would have arrived from all over the globe, by planes, trains and automobiles. Competitors would test out the trucks, coaches and vans which would be used in the competition […]

Drivers Must Have Access To Toilet Facilities

Many companies are taking very necessary precautions to prevent the spread of Covid 19. Denying drivers access to toilets is not one of them. Like many other front line worker’s, drivers play an essential part in ensuring that the economy functions. Food, fuel, essential factory and medical supplies must all be transported by truck. Which […]

CBD Oil – Driver Licence Warning

Recently sitting in a reception area, I picked up a magazine and read an article about CBD oil. The article mentioned a driver in the USA who lost his licence after testing positive for drugs. The driver said that he never took marijuana but did take CBD oil. This prompted me to ask our friends […]

Is Driver CPC making a positive impact on the role of the professional driver?

Why would you recommend a person to take up driving as a profession?

DVSA gains power to fine on the spot for previous offences – epda

DVSA gains power to fine on the spot for previous offences The DVSA can issue fixed penalties for offences that took place in the previous 28 days, as of today (1 February). The offences covered include drivers hours offences and any breaches to the weekly rest rules.Examiners are able to issue on-the-spot fines of £300 […]

City Cycling Press Release – epda

Driver CPC Survey – epda

Driver CPC * Indicates required field What Driver CPC Category Do You Hold ? * Bus Truck Truck & Bus What cycle are you on ? * Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Not sure Who Pays For Your Driver CPC Course? * I pay for the training My Company pays for the training only My Company […]

Digital Cards – epda

Your Digital Driver Card. This is a very important piece of equipment. We say equipment because you should treat this card with care. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that will keep your card safe and secure and keep you from falling foul of the law and or getting unwanted infringements. The card is […]

Drivers Voice – epda

Did anyone hear from Drivers  ? By Barry Lyons The internet is full of announcements about the introduction of driverless vehicles. Earlier this week it was reported a truck drove from California to Florida without a driver at the controls. The article was accompanied with video footage from behind the passenger seat showing the truck cruising […]

Drink Driving – epda

Drink Driving A recent report from the Road Safety Authority (RSA) has revealed that Alcohol was a factor in almost 40% of fatal road crashes that occurred between 2008 and 2012. According to the report, 286 people died and 69 were seriously injured in crashes where alcohol was a contributory factor during this period. 1,077 […]

Driver-less Truck Research – epda

Driver-less Trucks: New report maps out global action on driver jobs and legal issues Leipzig, 31 May 2017 – Automated road freight will save costs, reduce emissions, make roads safer. But the impact on driver jobs requires a managed transition, says study.Governments must consider ways to manage the transition to driverless trucks in order to avoid […]

You Can Support – epda

* Indicates required field What Seminar Would You Like To Attend * Road Traffic Law Enforcement Drivers Hours Regulations Vehicle Communications Technology Eco Driving Other If Other please specify: * Would You Like Attend An EPDA Meeting * Once A week Once A Forthnight Once A Month Bi-Monthly Quarterly Once A Year Never What is […]

Spain to introduce fines for taking the weekly rest in the cabin – epda

Christmas Meeting – epda

Wynns Hotel Abbey Street Dublin 1.   14.30 Saturday 19th December 2015 * Indicates required field Can you make it? * Yes No Maybe Including Yourself How Many Drivers Will Be With You? * Email * Name * First Last Submit

AGM 2019 – epda

EPDA AGM Saturday 9th February 2019 at 14.00 in Wynns Hotel Abbey Street Dublin 1.  The Committee members of the EPDA are looking forward to meeting with you at our AGM on Saturday the 9th of February at 14.00 in Wynns Hotel, Abbey Street, Dublin 1.  The event will highlight the work that the Association […]

€CO Driving – epda

European Driver Report Jan 2017 – epda

Undertaken by France’s road freight research and data agency, Comité National Routier (CNR), the study takes into account lorry drivers’ employment and pay conditions, including salaries, social security contributions, travel allowances, driving time and working hours.The study reveals that, taken as a whole, the cost-gap in terms of driving personnel is enormous. “The same hour’s […]

Outside Lane Rule – epda

Overtaking In the Outside lane of a Motorway In Ireland ​There is a rule in the rules of the road that states that a vehicle limited to 90Kph or less is prohibited from driving in the outside lane of a motorway. The penalty is one penalty point or three on conviction, plus an €80 fine if […]

More News – epda

24th May 2014 The EPDA AGM took place last weekend in Wynn’s Hotel Dublin, An opening presentation by Barry Lyons gave the delegates a clear view of the issues that where worked on by the EPDA and the programmes that they are currently undertaking. The contributions from the top table and the floor were extremely constructive and […]

Career Moves – epda

Driving Licence – epda

Driving Licience Application Guide 2016 File Size: 484 kb File Type: pdf Download File

Contact / Join – epda

Why Join The EPDA ? Clear communication between professional drivers reduces many of the risks associated with the role. The EPDA aims to ensure that you theprofessional driver have a voice through which your opinion can be heard and your experience can be used to benefit other road users. Be Heard Professional Drivers must communicate […]

Christmas Stats – epda

Dublin, Cork and Galway had the highest number of Road Traffic Collision (RTC) fatalities in November and December and accounted for almost 32% of the total number of fatalities that occurred. The most prevalent times of day were between 16.00 – 20.00 33% and 12.00-16.00 23%, followed by 00.00-06.00 22%.  RTC fatalities were more prevalent […]

Health Survey 2017 Nov – epda

Professional Driver Health & Wellness Survey2017 The survey was commissioned by the EPDA in January 2017.​The aim of the survey was to see if there were any difference between the role of the long distance driver and the role of the average industrial worker. The survey addressed both physical and mental health issues. A number of […]

Dutch Drivers Strike – epda

​Around 700 trade union drivers at a meeting in Utrecht (Netherlands), rejected the collective agreement negotiated between employers’ organizations and trade unions in mid-March. The reasoning for many drivers, the compromise reached meant a worsening of their current working conditions. The drivers announced actions against the collective agreement. This should be strikes or deliberate delays, […]

Vehicle as a Weapon – epda

Security tips for Goods Vehicle Drivers 1.   Avoid talking about loads or routes with unauthorised persons (including over radios and telephones). Do not post information about your route or location on social media, be aware of your ‘digital footprint’, and take care to avoid unwitting disclosure of route/location through mobile phone security settings and geolocation […]

Nick Collier – epda

A Tragic Loss of a Legend and True Gent   ​Our deepest sympathies go out to the family of a Nick Collier, who tragically lost his life in Dublin Port on Wednesday 14th August.   Nick is survived by his loving wife Trisha, sons Sean, Conor, Darragh and Cillian, dad Tom, mother Mary, brothers Eamonn, Tony and […]

Road Safety Pledge – epda

21st September is the Day we pledge to be safer drivers with the aim of reducing road deaths across Europe. The RSA and An Garda Sjochana are asking you to make the pledge. As Professional Drivers  you have a social obligation to set a good example to other road users. Use your skills, knowledge and […]

ADR Survey 2019 – epda

* Indicates required field How did you hear about this site? * Internet Search Advertisement Friend Other If Other please specify: * What is your age? * Less than 13 13-18 19-25 26-35 36-50 Over 50 Prefer not to say What is your household income? * Less than $10,000 $10,001 – $25,000 $25,001 – $40,000 […]

DVSA – epda

Rules over speed and distance, as well as regulations over the behaviour of drivers sleeping in lay-bys, are also going to be toughened up.Tachographs record information about driving time, speed and distance. If you drive a goods vehicle you must follow the rules on how many hours you can drive before you need to by […]

Valletta Report – epda

Last year, 25,500 people were killed in traffic on EU roads. That was 600 less than in the previous year. Although most of the accidents happen between passenger cars, trucks were involved in six per cent of all accidents. “This is a stable development compared to the years before,” said EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc […]

Driver CPC – epda

UK Road User Levy – epda

 IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING HGV ROAD USER LEVY INTRODUCED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM ON THE 1st APRIL 2014 The following notice has been issued by the United Kingdom transport authorities. If you operate a heavy goods vehicle weighing 12 tonnes or more within the United Kingdom, whether you operate for hire or reward or on an own account […]

The first dominoes stone in the fight against social dumping has fallen – epda

“The first dominoes stone in the fight against social dumping has fallen!” Bulgarian Professional Drivers get ‘equal pay’ through court.  Seven Bulgarian Professional Drivers from the Belgian company RMT are paid a total of 236,000 euros because they were not paid according to Belgian wage and employment conditions. The Belgian Employment Court decided in a […]

EPDA Aims – epda

Aims of the EPDA Ireland The European Professional Drivers Association is an association of commercial vehicle drivers who are committed to maintaining and developing the interests of commercial vehicle drivers. The main aims of the association are; 1.    Raise the profile of the commercial driver to both industry and the public. 2.    Promote the interests […]

Driver CPC Ratings – epda

We want all of our members to get the best Driver CPC training available. We are asking you to rate your experience of your Driver CPC training. We want to find the best venues the best trainers and the best  value for money. Members have been telling us of some fantastic trainers that deliver exceptional […]

Video – epda

As professional drivers we come across situations that are at times unbelievable. This section of the site captures on camera examples of where professionalism is nonexistent. While the pressures of the job can increase your levels of stress at no point should they ever reach a level where your actions would in any way lead […]

EU Safety Improvements Feb 17 – epda

February 2017 Brussels – Eight EU transport ministers have called on the European Commission to ‘speed up’ plans to upgrade vehicle safety standards saying road safety should be ‘top priority’. In a letter to the European Commissioner for industry Elżbieta Bieńkowska, the transport ministers of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg and The Netherlands said ‘ambitious’ […]

Netherlands also wants a ban 45 hours of rest in cabin – epda

Netherlands also wants a ban 45 hours of rest in cabin The House of Representatives wants the government to ban the compulsory 45-hour rest in the cabin. Inconvenience and insecurity in parking places must also be prevented. A motion of Labour Party (Netherlands) member of parliament of Gijs van Dijk was passed on. Transport and Logistics […]

News – epda

​March 2016To avoid a turnover it is best to check out the following: Ensure that you are fit to drive Ensure that you carry out a pre-trip inspection of your vehicle Ensure that your load is properly secured Ensure that you do not exceed the speed limit Do not allow distractions such as mobile phones […]


March 2019       Light Goods Vehicles over nighting  in Dublin Port  ​At a recent meeting in Dublin between Robert Kastner President  the Union of International Chauffeurs and Routiers (UICR) and Barry Lyons Chairman of the European Professional Drivers Association, the question was raised of both organisations, “Do they believe that commercial vehicle drivers on international […]

Ghent 2018 Report – epda

​World Professional Driver Championships 2018 ECO Driver Competition Team Ireland’s debut in the World Professional Driver Championships went better than expected. Up first, against three-time world champion in the ECO driving competition was Ireland’s Matt Kavanagh. This test consisted of a timed thirty-minute drive around a selection of city, urban and regional public roads in […]

Jost Logistics Belgium – epda

​The same system is said to have been set up in Luxembourg, this time with Belgian drivers. The scam is estimated to have cost the Belgian state around 55 million euros.The spokesman of the federal judicial authorities Eric Van der Sypt was also talking about possible human trafficking and social dumping. Romanian drivers were heavily […]

UICR Interview March 2019 – epda

The UICR met with the EPDA in Dublin on the 7th  March 2019.   Interview with UICR President Robert Kastner, EPDA President Walter Pisarnik and EPDA Chairman Barry Lyons The EPDA had the pleasure of meeting with the President of the Union of International Chauffeurs’ and Routiers (UICR) Mr. Robert Kastner on his recent visit to […]

Driver Shortage – epda

The Driver FamineBarry Lyons What most companies are seeing as a driver shortage is in actual fact a loss of a complete labour force unfolding before them. It can be likened to the change from horse drawn carriages to the change over to the motor vehicle. There are many factors at play here and the road […]

Legal – epda

We are aware that legal issues relating to a driver in the road transport industry are both complex and time consuming. This site is designed to provide you with the necessary information to allow you to make informed decision on the best solution or practice for your own needs. We do not offer legal advice. […]

Back Exercise – epda

Professional HGV and Coach Drivers Must Maintain Good Mental and Physical Health   When applying for a license the driver must undergo a basic medical with a GP – but how long is that valid for?  The answer …… the duration of the license.Question…. When was the last time you went for a checkup with your […]

Volvo Anti Collision Braking – epda

Circle K City North – epda

​​Just after rebranding from Topaz to Circle K  ​The forecourt retailer has already added its second 24-hour service area adjacent to the motorway network, City North has just opened at Junction 7 on the M1. It can be accessed just off the ramp at the entrance to the City North Hotel. The service area provides a […]

Driver Cost Survey – epda

Driver SurveyCosts associated with being a professional driver have been on the increase since 2006.  The Sate have introduced a number of requirements that drivers must cover the cost of in order to comply with the regulations. An increase in the cost of the driver licence, the introduction of the digital driver card and annual Driver CPC […]

Weekly rest period: Infringement costs up to € 1,700 in Italy – epda

Weekly rest period: Infringement costs up to € 1,700 in Italy  ​Only a separation of the driver’s cab and rest time can improve the working conditions for the drivers of logistics companies. This was confirmed by the European Court of Justice, which made it clear that the weekly rest period should not be spent in […]

Driver CPC Price Increase – epda

33% Hike in Driver CPC Training Material Cost From January 2018 Driver CPC training centers across the country are  going to see a massive 33% increase in the cost of some training manuals. Training organisations will have no choice but to pass some, if not all of this increase on to the driver. One supplier has […]

Report on AGM – epda

An opening presentation by Barry Lyons gave the delegates a clear view of the issues that where worked on by the EPDA and the programmes that they are currently undertaking. The contributions from the top table and the floor were extremely constructive and enlightening. The input from the floor gave strong support for the work in […]

professional drivers and drivers – epda

​The professional drivers’ and drivers’ There are professional drivers and drivers with HGV/PSV licences. The professional driver is the person who follows the rules and regulations, designed to protect the professional driver’s wellbeing, create fair competition and to keep workers and all other road users safe. Professional drivers know and respect these rules and regulations. They […]

ETF Commission Review – epda

30th March European Commission Road Initiative The European Commission is currently evaluating the measures with the view to include in the upcoming Road Initiative, a legislative package supposed to be launched in only 2 months. The message of the ETF delegation, coach drivers and trade union representatives from Belgium, Spain and Denmark, was clear: drivers cannot work […]

Circle K Gorey – epda

Professional Driver Services Delivered At Circle K ……..Gorey On an exceptionally sunny day in Wexford the new Circle K Service area on the M11 at Gorey was officially opened. The project team in Circle K have delivered an exceptional service area which we hope will set the bench mark for all future road side services. […]

About Us – epda

The professional driver has been the backbone of the road transport sector since before the formation of the state. However because of the isolated nature of the role and the irregular working patterns, drivers have never been able to communicate directly their views to the authorities and agencies charged with road traffic and transport legislation.  […]

City 30 Kmh – epda

To protect the growing number of vulnerable road users in Dublin city, Dublin City Council is to introduce new 30kph speed limit zones. New zones with the lower 30kph will be introduced in three phases, with the first phase starting on the 27th of March followed by the second phase, on the 29th of May. […]

RSA Forms – epda

Download Digital Tachograph Driver Card Application Form New Penalty Points December 2014

The Cab is not an apartment – epda

Now it’s official no more 45h sleeping in the vehicles “The Cab is not an apartment” In Europe, the Professional Drivers are not allowed to spend their regular weekly rest period in the vehicle. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) came to this verdict after many years of litigation on Wednesday (20 Dec 2017) in […]

ESPROG Report – epda

ESPROG REPORT A meeting took place in Brussels to outline the financial support and mechanisms for availing of funding for the development of new service areas and upgrading of existing ones. There are two sources if funding €20 million from EU general funding and €40 million from the EU’s cohesion fund.  In attendance were representatives for the […]

Driving On Snow and Ice – epda

Top Tips For Extreme Driving Conditions Driving in winter is a challenge for even the most experienced of driver.  Driving in slippery conditions causes a lot of stress on drivers bothphysically and mentally. Under such conditions fatigue is a concern thereforeproper rest is essential. You need to be at your best to manage under suchconditions. […]

Meeting DIT – epda

Driver Health & Wellness Moves Forward The Association had a very productive meeting with Declan Allen, Assistant Head of Department of Management Studies, Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and Dr. Mary Kinahan a Lecturer in Organisational Psychology in DIT. The EPDA representatives Barry Lyons and Walter Pisarnik,  presented the data  collected from the Long-Haul HGV and Coach […]

Automated Driving – epda

Connected & Automated Driving, Where to from Here? This is a question that is on the minds of many in the road transport sector. The technology is already here. Many of the large manufacturers have vehicles running autonomously.  Scania and Volvo have been demonstrating their driver-less vehicles operating in terminal yards and mines. While the […]

Ireland’s leadership on road safety is “a model for the European Union” – epda

Ireland’s leadership on road safety is “a model for the European Union” Ireland takes home 2019 ETSC Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Award New European figures show numbers killed on EU roads last year fell by just 1% Call for new European Parliament and Commission to step up progress on road safety Ireland is the […]

French Blockade – epda

PARIS (AFP) – Hundreds of truckers blocked France’s borders with Italy and Belgium on Tuesday, angry at EU rule changes that they say fail to protect them from low-cost eastern European competition.Drivers began blocking the Frejus tunnel in Modane, eastern France, before dawn, at one point leaving more than 200 heavy goods trucks waiting to cross into […]

Drivers Unite Roscrea – epda

 A very well attended meeting of drivers took place in Roscrea on Saturday the 1st of September. The meeting was organised by Eugene Cleary of the Drivers Unite. It was attended by drivers from all over the 26 counties and the meeting raised many issues that drivers felt were unfair, unjust and in cases degrading. […]

Motorway Service Areas Consultation – epda

The NRA is going to going to open a public consultation to review their proposals for the development of  a number of  ‘full’ service rest areas, the same as those in place on the M1 and M4. There are plans to build ‘rest’ areas where picnic tables, toilets and parking will be provided.  The initial […]

French trucks block borders over east Europe competition – epda

French trucks block borders over east Europe competition Hundreds of truckers blocked France’s borders with Italy and Belgium on Tuesday (21 Nov 2014), angry at EU rule changes that they say fail to protect them from low-cost eastern European competition. Drivers began blocking the Frejus tunnel in Modane, eastern France, before dawn, at one point […]

Monthly Meeting – epda

A Members meeting takes place on the third Saturday of the month at 14.30. The meeting is chaired by one of the Executive committee and is open to all professional drivers. ​An agenda is distributed in advance of the meeting to all members wishing to attend.The meeting ends at 16.00 and then there is an opportunity for members to meet with […]

Dutch Drivers Threten Strike – epda

Around 700 trade union drivers at a meeting in Utrecht (Netherlands), rejected the collective agreement negotiated between employers’ organizations and trade unions in mid-March. The reasoning for many drivers, the compromise reached meant a worsening of their current working conditions. The drivers announced actions against the collective agreement. This should be strikes or deliberate delays, […]

Euros 2016 – epda

Here are a few things that you will need to know when traveling in France for the Euros  There are approximately 12,000 petrol stations in the country and as of Thursday 2nd June, over 3700 service stations have reported a shortage for at least one fuel type according to French fuel website Below is […]

key Issues – epda

The EPDA a forum for the views and opinions of drivers who actively work in the industry. The most common issues in no particular order are as follows:1. Motorway SignageTo provide motorists with an understanding that HGV drivers are not allowed in the outside lane of a motorway or dual carriageway there should be signage demonstrating this rule. 2. Distance MarkersSignage to let drivers know […]

Circle K Athlone – epda

The opening of Circle K M6 Athlone marks a significant addition to the Circle K network of service stations. Strategically located on the M6 Dublin/Galway Road, it is a very welcome service area on the Western corridor for HGV and Coach drivers. Circle K are the only motorway service provider who provide full 24 hour service […]

EU Trans Study Nov 2017 – epda

EU FACES CONTINUING & GROWING SOCIAL PROBLEMS IN ROAD TRANSPORT  Social dumping, illegal cabotage, inadequate and missing parking – a recent study illustrates the many problems in European road freight transport. A study commissioned by the European Parliament Transport Committee (Tran) has compiled the current problems of the European road haulage sector with regard to social […]

Driving In Fog – epda

Fog is one of the most difficult, stressful and dangerous conditions to find yourself driving in. It is the one driving condition that professional drivers are the most uncomfortable with. We asked our panel of experienced professional drivers to provide their best tips for driving in such visually impaired and difficult conditions.  ‘Read the weather forecast before heading off.’  […]

Jobs – epda

Jobs & Career Changes Upload Details There are times in a drivers life, when they will want to, or have to change career. Maybe its because of a want to get back into education or simply because of a physical disability that will put an end to your driving career.   There are many opportunities within the […]

FPC Drivers Hours UK – epda

UK Drivers Hours Changes Come into Effect Today the 1st November in the UK but not the same in Northern Ireland Today is the start of a new enforcement policy on ‘Drivers Hours’ offences in the UK by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). The new regulation allows for fixed penalty charges to be […]

UK Road Levy User Guides – epda

Clink on the Guide in Your Preferred Language uk_hgv_levy__english.pdf File Size: 220 kb File Type: pdf Download File uk_hgv_levy_bulgarian.pdf File Size: 287 kb File Type: pdf Download File uk_hgv_levy_czech.pdf File Size: 271 kb File Type: pdf Download File uk_hgv_levy_french.pdf File Size: 220 kb File Type: pdf Download File uk_hgv_levy_romanian.pdf File Size: 270 kb File Type: […]

epda – Spain to introduce fines for taking the weekly rest in the cabin

Are the Wheels Coming off Driver CPC? – epda

Are the Wheels Coming off Driver CPC? “The European Parliament’s transport committee has backed changes to professional driver training rules that could lead to large numbers of lorries being driven by drivers who have received no professional training in addition to their regular HGV driving license. Is this a wind down of Driver CPC? Voting […]

Mobility Package – epda

THE MOBILITY PACKAGE IS NOT YET ADOPTED OR AGREEDHowever, the Ministers of Transport of the 28 Member States (the “Council of Ministers”) and the European Parliament have each reached their own positions on it. In December 2019 they will get together again to start negotiating the final deal. DRIVING AND REST TIME (Regulation 561/2006) Big wins for […]

Transport CPC – epda

Drug Test – epda

Driving under the influence of drugs has been illegal since 1961. However, a new offence has been created for anyone being found in charge of a mechanically propelled vehicle with the presence of cannabis, cocaine or heroin in their system. Previously, Gardaí were required to prove impairment but you’re now liable for prosecution if one […]

UK drivers’ hours: changes to fines for commercial drivers – epda

UK drivers’ hours regulations – changes to fines for commercial drivers driving in the UK​Changes relating to the fixed penalties issued by both, DVSA and police officers for drivers’ hours and tachograph offences are due to be made soon.​Firstly, the maximum number of different offences for which fixed penalties can be issued on a single occasion […]

Gorey Services – epda

Hopes of seeing the new service station on the M11 outside Gorey open any time soon remain remote, as the granting of a tender to Topaz to run the facility remains tied up in the courts due to a legal challenge. In the meantime, it is costing Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), the former NRA, almost […]

Sprinter Pilots – epda

Test Pilots Wanted Sprinter Pro Driver Delivers Free Online Training for Light Commercial Vehicle Drivers. The Sprinter Pro Driver programme is designed to provide free access to thirty-two hours of driver training for Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) professional drivers, regardless of location or time. All that is needed is internet access. To even make it […]

39 People found dead – epda

Professional Drivers can find themselves in extremely difficult circumstances which has been highlighted in this tragic case of the loss of 39 human lives.  Some migrants can be desperate and have nothing to lose. The may have been living in extremely poor and inhumane conditions.Never be forced or tempted to traffic a migrant. Always seek […]

Career – epda

Brexit Insurance Card – epda

​BREXIT AND GREEN CARDS Q&A The information detailed in this Q&A relates to the provision of Green Cards to Irish registered motor vehicles in the event that a ‘no deal’ Brexit takes place. In that situation a motorist with an Irish registered motor vehicle who wishes to drive it in Northern Ireland or elsewhere in […]

Feb 2018 Seminar – epda

Ref:              EPDA Public Quarterly MeetingDate:           24th February 2018Time:          11.00 to 13.30Venue:       West County Hotel, Chapelizod, Dublin Agenda 11.00  Introduction                   Joe is the Training Executive Council Member of the EPDA has been very involved […]

test page Karl – epda

​Welcome to the EPDA – Promoting & Supporting​A Professional Driving Culture Join the EPDA • Accurate Legal Information regularly updated• A platform for your opinions and views• Discounts on training from approved providers• Keep up to date on News that effects you• Access Newsletters, Polls and Opinions ​ More Info Visit the EPDA Blog Sed […]

Driver CPC Survey March 2018 – epda

Driver CPC March 2018 ​What Licence Do You Hold? * Indicates required field Select One * Option 1 BusOption 2 TruckOption 3 Bus and Truck Have you completed any of the second cycle modules ? * Yes No How Many Modules Have You Compleated in the Second Cycle? * Module 6 Module 5 Module 4 […]

Pro Driver – epda

Top 20 Tips For Extreme Icy Driving ConditionsDriving in winter is a challenge for even the most experienced of driver….read on  Clickhere to edit. Fog is one of the most difficult, stressfuland dangerous conditions to find yourself driving in. It is the one driving condition…read on 

Poor Weather – epda

Don’t Get Blown Away With the Arrival of Winter. ​Storm Ali  has heralded the arrival of the 2018 winter season and with that the Professional Driver must make sure that the necessary precautions are taken to ensure that the job is done in a safe and efficient way. Give plenty of room and time  for cyclists and pedestrians […]

Driving In Heavy Rain – epda

Top Tips for Driving in Extremely Wet Conditions As a professional driver please share your experience with your friends and family to ensure that they are aware of the dangers of driving in these conditions. Ask that they only travel if is absolutely necessary.   1. Turn on your lights, in excessive down pours turn on fog lights […]