Many companies are taking very necessary precautions to prevent the spread of Covid 19. Denying drivers access to toilets is not one of them.

Like many other front line worker’s, drivers play an essential part in ensuring that the economy functions. Food, fuel, essential factory and medical supplies must all be transported by truck. Which is undertaken regardless of the time of day or prevailing weather conditions. Professional drivers have a clear sense of the importance of the work they undertake.

Denying drivers access to toilet facilities is not just against the law, it is also bad for the health of the driver.

The EPDA will name companies who disrespect the law and put the health of professional drivers at risk.

If companies do not want drivers to use their toilet facilities, they should simply not order anything that has to be delivered by truck.

We are asking that professional drivers send us a picture of a notice advising drivers that they are not allowed to use their toilet facilities at collection or delivery points and along with the pictures send us the name of the company.

If you wish to report a site please email details to