Irish Professional Driver’s Championships 2022 – Results are out now

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EPDA mission statement

The European Professional Drivers Association has a clear mission statement.

“To promote and support a professional driving culture.”

To achieve this aim the EPDA engages with all stakeholders to ensure that the objective it delivered and supported.

It is up to every individual to choose how they conduct themselves in relation to their position in work. The EPDA sets standards for professional drivers. It is for each individual driver to choose to be a commercial vehicle driver or choose to be a professional driver.

Assisting stakeholders understand the actual diversity and complexity of the role of today’s professional driver will benefit all of those involved in the transport industry. The importance of education and recognition for achievement can not be overstated. The EPDA places education as a key component in the development of the professional driver. Experience and competence in the role of the professional driver make a major contribution to operational efficiencies, cost-effective operation, a reduction in Co2 emissions and a safer road network.



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2023 EPDA AGM and Q1 Meeting

03/12/2023 Online Meeting
EPDA Annual General Meeting 2023 and regular Quarterly EPDA meeting March 12th 2023. (both meetings are online) 10:30 EPDA 2023 Annual General Meeting – (only for fully paid EPDA Members) The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a yearly gathering of the EPDA’s interested stakeholders.   11:00 Quarterly EPDA meeting – (public meeting for fully paid members […]
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All committee members are volunteers

The Association is funded through membership fees, sponsorship and donations

The Executive Committee meet 10 times per year with sub committees meeting in line with their project commitments

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