The World Professional Driver Championships take place in Ghent, Belgium from  September 27th to Sunday  30th. 2018. 

Thursday:  Competition Rules Briefing

Friday:        Free Practice and ECO
                     Driving Competition

Saturday:   Skills Competition

Sunday:      Competition         

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 Skills Testing

Test 1
1 mat is in a fixed position, the driver places the other 3 mats and then drives them with his motor vehicle (steering axle and driven axle). There must be a wheel of the steering axle on the mat placed by the jury.
Per missed mat: 25 points

Test 2
The driver drives the track with his right front wheel.
Per hit plate: 2 points

Test 3
The driver passes the bike at a distance of 1.5 meters. There is no stopping for the measurement, which takes place on the basis of the track, measured from the handle of the bicycle.
Per cm under 1.5m: 3 points
Per cm above 1.5m: 1 point
If closer than 1m, there will be extra 150 points

Test 4
Use the plumb line at the center of the front bumper to stop as accurately as possible above the rose.
Inner sphere: 0 points
1st ring: 25 points
2nd ring: 50 points
3rd ring: 75 points
Outside the rose: 100 points

Test 5A
Set the height with the remote control so that the vehicle fits underneath.
Per cm above the measure: 1 point
Per cm below the measure: 5 points
CAT B 3M80
CAT C 4M00
CAT D 4M00
CAT E 3M70
CAT F 3M30

Test 5B
Set the width with the remote control so that the vehicle fits between them
Per cm above the measure: 1 point
Per cm below the measure: 5 points
CAT F 2M30

The size of the vehicles is communicated before the start of the race and on the basis of this data the points are awarded.
The vehicles must NOT drive under and between the test.

Test 6
With the right-hand corner of the bumper, the driver drives the green posts without the red posts falling over.
Per green post that stays: 15 points
Per red pole that falls: 15 points

Test 7
The driver must stop his vehicle with his rear axle as close as possible to the obstacle.
There is only measurement if the wheel is at the correct height of the measuring point. If too far or too short, the test is considered to have failed.
Per cm more of the obstacle: 2 points

Test 8
The driver approaches a closure and stays at a predetermined distance.
Per cm above the size: 3 points
Per cm below the size: 10 points

Test 9
The driver parks his vehicle along the sidewalk and towards the quay.
There is a measurement on the front wheel and the rear wheel on the sidewalk side, and from the center of the quay, straight forward without side deviation
Per cm: 1 point
Hitting the test is 500 pts

Test 10
1 meter distance between the pump pistol and the filling opening.
+ 1m => 3 points per cm
– 1m => 10 points per cm

Test 11
With a ‘cannon / tricycle’ attached to the front of the vehicle, the driver must end up in the triangle as precisely as possible and as deeply as possible.
The numbers on the stamped picture count, the number is multiplied by 25

Test 12
The driver parks his vehicle as precisely as possible in the middle of the box, and as close as possible to the starting line.
There are 5 measuring points, on the 4 corners of the motor vehicle, and in the front.
Per cm from the longitudinal axis of the vehicle: 10 points
Per cm stopped for the stop line: 3 points
Crossing the stop line: 150 points.
Per cm not parallel with the side: 10 points

Hitting test 3, test 6, test 8, test 9 and test 10 is regarded as a complete failure of the test and is penalized with 500 penalty points

All movements are made forward, except from test 8 to test 9.
This must be done in 1 movement. In the case of forward correction, the test is considered to have failed
Cat C and Cat D
may correct themselves once without any staff points being credited. This only applies to parking in test 9.