Last year, 25,500 people were killed in traffic on EU roads. That was 600 less than in the previous year. Although most of the accidents happen between passenger cars, trucks were involved in six per cent of all accidents. “This is a stable development compared to the years before,” said EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc on the occasion of the conference held in the Grand Master’s Palace in the capital of Malta, Valletta.
The Valletta Declaration is a political commitment that all countries want to make even greater efforts in the implementation of road safety measures. Both politically and technically, on the infrastructure side and in the training of drivers. Alcohol, drugs and high speed are the causes of traffic accidents in most cases. According to Bulc, the

economic costs of the deaths and injuries in the previous year amounted to 100 billion euros. From 2020 to 2030 the number of traffic tugs and injuries is to be halved.