“The first dominoes stone in the fight against social dumping has fallen!” Bulgarian Professional Drivers get ‘equal pay’ through court.


 Seven Bulgarian Professional Drivers from the Belgian company RMT are paid a total of 236,000 euros because they were not paid according to Belgian wage and employment conditions. The Belgian Employment Court decided in a long-running case, reports the Belgian Transport Association ABVV (BTB-ABVV).

The Bulgarian Professional Drivers were paid a wage of 414 Bulgarian Lev, equal to 211 euros, per month into their account, as the Bulgarian Professional Drivers were employed through the Bulgarian subsidiary recruitment company Rematra. In June 2015, the BTB-ABVV filed a complaint against the company RMT from Tessenderlo on behalf of the seven Bulgarian Professional Drivers.

According to BTB-ABVV, Rematra was no more than a subsidiary recruitment company in Bulgaria to escape Belgian wage and employment conditions. The drivers did not drive in Bulgaria and received their orders from RMT in Tessenderlo.

Now, almost 3.5 years later, the Labor Court of Hasselt ruled, in its judgment of 11 October 2018: BTB-ABVV is completely in the right. The Bulgarian Professional Drivers are entitled to the difference with the Belgian wage. The total payout for the Bulgarian Professional Drivers is 236,000 euros, plus interest and court costs. The judge ruled that RMT is indeed the employer of the Bulgarian Professional Drivers. One of the Bulgarian Professional Drivers received 111,000 euros, another 97,000 euros and the five others worked less for RMT and for them the requirement is much lower.

This creates an important precedent in the fight against social dumping.

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