The EPDA recognises the role of the professional driver. Continual driver training is key to a successful driving career. The Professional Drivers Star rating identifies the level of professional advancement and achievement.  

There are a multitude of roles within the road transport industry, from Hazardous goods and temperature controlled loads to specialist equipment operation such as blowing equipment and car transporters. The one thing that all Professional Drivers have in common is a commitment to Personal Health and Safety as well as to Road Safety. Today’s Driver manages complex advanced equipment and all of the administrative matters that go with that work. The more experience a Driver attains in various roles throughout their career the more they can contribute to the safety of all road users. The EPDA recognises that Drivers who undertake specialist training should be rewarded by to a system of recognition.

Hazardous Goods 
Occupational First Aid 
Fire Fighting 
Transport Manager CPC
Driver CPC Card Holder 

Each of the above 


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