​Internationally carriers in Poland do not have to fear damages claims by their truck drivers regards overnight stays in the cab as they are now recognized.
The Polish Supreme Court has largely agreed to the wishes of the Polish transport industry for lorry drivers during their international trips it is ok to overnight in the vehicle. The Constitutional Court in Warsaw withdrew an older judgment at the end of last year and forwarded the case to the Supreme Court.
According to the previous legal situation, Polish Haulier feared massive damage claims from drivers. This seems now averted, as in the judgment truck drivers are granted the payment of overnight stays, but only within the framework of agreements in their employment contracts or the terms and conditions of the respective company and not within the scope of individual expense reports, such as in the case of company trips in the EU.
For foreign travel expenses are now at least € 42 Euro daily.
Although the court acknowledged that an overnight stay in the truck cab must be accepted. Nevertheless, the employees on a trip abroad pay a flat-rate of 42 Euro per day for their own meals and overnight stay. Even more demanding requests from drivers were rejected by the judges.