Netherlands also wants a ban 45 hours of rest in cabin

The House of Representatives wants the government to ban the compulsory 45-hour rest in the cabin. Inconvenience and insecurity in parking places must also be prevented. A motion of Labour Party (Netherlands) member of parliament of Gijs van Dijk was passed on.
Transport and Logistics Netherlands says in a reaction to be happy with both positions of the Chamber. In Belgium, France and Germany the ban on cabin camping has been in force for some time. Transport and Logistics Netherlands wants to prevent the Netherlands from becoming the ‘parking lot of Europe’.
In border areas, drivers now leave the Dutch border from Belgium, for example, to stay overnight in a car park in their cab. Moreover, the same rules apply to the Netherlands and its neighbouring countries and the playing field is the same again.
EPDA and Transport and Logistics Netherlands wants the European Commission to include in the Mobility Package that spending 45 hours in the cabin should be possible once every four weeks, given the flexibility needed in international transport. Preferably on a guarded parking lot with the right facilities.