Aims of the EPDA Ireland

The European Professional Drivers Association is an association of
commercial vehicle drivers who are committed to maintaining and developing the
interests of commercial vehicle drivers. The main aims of the association

1.    Raise the profile of the commercial driver to both industry and the public.

2.    Promote the interests of the commercial driver.

3.    Create a platform allowing drivers the opportunity to express their opinions

4.   Positively affect greater road safety for all road users through developing commercial       
      driver programmes specifically aimed at road safety.

5.   Create meaningful and constructive relations with Government Agencies, Industry and private 
      road users.

6.   Develop information and training programmes to encourage commercial drivers to further 
       develop their skills.

7.    Encourage people to take up commercial driving as a career.

8.    Develop relations with associated interest groups throughout Europe.

If you feel that you would like to support your fellow professional drivers please contact the Association by compleating the contact form.