Why Join The EPDA ?

Clear communication between professional drivers reduces many of the risks associated with the role. The EPDA aims to ensure that you the
professional driver have a voice through which your opinion can be heard and your experience can be used to benefit other road users.

Be Heard

Professional Drivers must communicate their views and opinions on issues that directly affect their industry. The EPDA is the organisation to deliver your message to the people who shape your working world. Join and let your voice be heard.


Its Easy

To join the EPDA is simple and open to all
Professional Drivers.  You will receive details of all EPDA events and a monthly Newsletter. The Association meets on the third Saturday of the month at 14.30. You will receive details of the venue by email. 

EPDA Meetings

Remember as a member of the EPDA you are welcome to attend the monthly meeting. To support the work of the Association and to work in the interests of Professional Drivers please complete survey forms and questionnaires when asked to.

Members are encouraged to post there issues and observations on the blog page.

Unity amongst Professional Drivers with a clear communication channel are the key to a future that ensures a safe working environment, equal treatment and respect for all Professional Drivers. 

The Rules of Membership

By becoming an EPDA member you are joining a group of people who are committed to ensuring that Drivers are treated fairly by society.

As a member of the EPDA you agree to undertake your responsibilities as a Professional Driver and act in a professional manner while doing so.

You are joining a group who believe that the health and safety of all road users can be effected positively by the actions of the Professional Driver.

As a member you will promote safe and healthy work practices. You will promote safe driving practices in the work place and on the public roadway.

You will abide by the Rules of the Road, the Working Time Directive and Drivers Hours and Tachograph Regulations .

You will be aware that your actions and communications on the road and in the work place reflect on all Professional Drivers.  

Through your actions you will not bring the EPDA into disrepute.

Code of Conduct Professional Driver

I agree to adopt this code of conduct. I accept that as a professional driver I have responsibilities under both chain of responsibility and Health and Safety legislation to maintain my fitness for duty and not accept unsafe practices or breaches of the law. I share the road with other road users to improve community safety.
1. I recognise and accept my obligations as a professional driver.DO – Ensure you conduct yourself in a polite and considerate manner at all times as an ambassador for the industry and your company
DO – Ensure you drive with consideration for all road users and pedestrians.
DO – Support safety within the workplace
DO – Actively support this code and promote it to other drivers
DO – Encourage safety on the road
DO – Maintain your professional knowledge through Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) and recognised industry schemes.
2. I undertake to comply with all road laws, and be considerate of others by:
DO – Be professional at all times
DO – Ensure you’re fit for duty – alert, healthy and prepared for the driving task
DO – Observe speed limits and seat belt laws
DO – Observe working time regulations and ‘Rules on Driver’s Hours and Tachographs’
DO – Observe drug and alcohol laws
DO – Leave a safe distance between other vehicles
DO – Travel in left lanes unless overtaking
DO – Adopt a considerate driving style, reducing noise when operating in a built up area
DO – Obey all other laws and operate to ‘Rules of the Road’
3. I support the introduction of company ‘Safe Systems of Work’ that include practices and procedures to reduce the risk of injury or death at our own and customer locations. 

4. I take pride in my vehicle and conduct regular checks to ensure my vehicle and the load remains in a safe condition. 

5. I understand that driver distraction is a risk and I will reduce this:DO – Avoid using mobile phones, two way radios or other forms of communication whilst the vehicle is moving in accordance with company rules
DO – Fully prepare for any journey to avoid being distracted when driving.
I actively support this code of conduct for the purpose of promoting compliance with laws  and promoting safe behaviour, within the workplace and on the road.

I undertake to actively participate through my Health and Safety representatives and managers to commit to industry codes of conduct, codes of practice and safety guidelines found in the Company Handbook.