Professional Driver Services Delivered At Circle K ……..Gorey

On an exceptionally sunny day in Wexford the new Circle K Service area on the M11 at Gorey was officially opened. The project team in Circle K have delivered an exceptional service area which we hope will set the bench mark for all future road side services. This is the largest service area in the country with ample parking for 42 HGV’s and 10 coaches. The  spacious and bright food hall, which is open 24/7 can cater for any amount of visitors. 


​The spacious shower rooms are fitted out to a high standard with sinks  mirrors, coat hooks and  chairs. It is this attention to detail that demonstrates the Circle K team are fully supportive of the needs of the professional driver. 

As with all of these facilities Drivers are asked to respect them by leaving the shower rooms as you found them.

The HGV refueling area is fully equipped  with  DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) and high speed pumps. As with all of he Circle K HGV  refueling areas there is paper and gloves available at the pump.  ​

For the overnight driver there are ample facilities on the site and Circle K have really taken the needs of the professional driver into account. A good nights rest is very important. On site you will find a number of bays fitted with plug-ins. Drivers can now get a better nights rest by switching from diesel to electric. 


HGV and Coach drivers should check out the Circle K App to avail of a range of discounts. ​​​Each time you refuel you are awarded points which you can use to enter a monthly draw. You also get discounts on various food items and receive free stuff. 
​Its easy to down load the app from the App Store or Google play.