Security tips for Goods Vehicle Drivers

1.   Avoid talking about loads or routes with unauthorised persons (including over radios and telephones). Do not post information about your route or location on social media, be aware of your ‘digital footprint’, and take care to avoid unwitting disclosure of route/location through mobile phone security settings and geolocation of pictures. Discuss high risk routes with you transport office.

2.   Lock and secure your vehicle whenever you leave the cab and keep the keys secure, including when unloading and loading, always follow company security policies and instructions.

3.   Carry out visual walk around checks when leaving and returning to the vehicle to make sure it has not been tampered with. Report any irregularity in loading, locking, sealing or documentation to your Company.

4.   When conducting walk around checks, think Security as well as Safety.

5.   Never carry goods for anyone, other than the authorised load.

6.   If you are forced to change your route, inform your Transport Office immediately.

7.   If someone is acting suspiciously or something ‘doesn’t feel right’ either at the depot or on the road, report it to ACT, call 0800 789 321 and contact your company.

8.   Do not allow unauthorised passengers into the cab.

9.   Keep your phone fully charged and on you at all times. Store important phone numbers.

10. Be mindful of your personal security. Keep ID documentation and wallets secure and out of sight.

11. Beware of attempts to deceive, such as by bogus Police and DVSA Officers – Stay vigilant always.

For further information or to provide your company with information on this subject follow this link