112 Slovak trucks confiscated in action against social dumping in Zeebrugge

In a coordinated action against social dumping no less than 112 Slovakian tractors were seized on a business park in Zeebrugge. This is what Filiep De Ketelaere reports of the labor lawyer Gent, West Flanders department.

The Federal Judicial Police for West Flanders and the social inspection services have invaded North Sea Express (NSE) yesterday (20 Nov 2017). The company relies on the Slovak East Transport Leasing (ETL) subcontractor for transport assignments. Especially Romanian drivers work at ETL. During the raid, the offices of NSE were also searched.

The Romanian truckers present were interviewed by the researchers. “It became clear that the drivers did not agree with their working conditions and demanded urgent intervention”, according to labor minister Filiep De Ketelaere. The drivers also denounced their living conditions. Other ETL lorry drivers were notified via their on-board computer yesterday morning that they were not allowed to come to NSE parking during the event.

The action examined whether the Slovakian subcontractor and its client are guilty of social dumping. This means that the companies in question may systematically circumvent their social-law obligations in Belgium. “This creates unfair competition with companies that do comply with the rules,” De Ketelaere explains.
The West Flemish department of the labor lawyer Gent will conduct further research into the case.

(source: Het Laatste Nieuws www.hln.be)