Managing the Festive Season

Trying to balance both work and social commitments can be difficult. What the professional Driver has to be aware of is the effect of the physical and mental demands that sometimes come about as a result of working and playing hard and the very serious and sometimes catastrophic consequences that can arise as a result of not being aware of the risks.

  • 25% of Drink Driving arrests are on the morning after the Drinking session.


  • It is reported that Driver fatigue is the cause of some 20% of HGV accidents.


  • Tiredness related collisions are 3 times more likely to result in death or serious injury


  • Fatigue related injuries are more likely to occur between 2 and 6 am and 3 and 5 pm


  • New drug driving laws which came into effect earlier this year in NI and the UK and may come into law in Ireland this December will be another matter for Drivers who may indulge in recreational drug taking. These laws will be as strict for Professional Drivers as the Drink Driving laws and Drivers will lose their entitlement if convicted.

It is important that Companies take their social responsibilities seriously at this time of year and let all staff members know the dangers associated with socialising. Transport Managers should make the Transport Team aware of the dangers of shifting rosters and work loads to meet unrealistic deadlines or overload vehicles. By making Drivers and transport Staff aware of the Company’s No Drink or Drug Driving Rules can have a very positive impact.
Remember as the Professional driver you are best placed to advise your friends family and colleagues of the dangers and risks associated with driving at this time of year. Use your credibility as a Professional Driver to get the message across to all road users. You could save a life.
Let everybody enjoy the Festive Season.
Team at the EPDA wish you and your Families a pleasant Christmas and a Safe and Prosperous New Year.