The professional drivers’ and drivers’

There are professional drivers and drivers with HGV/PSV licences. The professional driver is the person who follows the rules and regulations, designed to protect the professional driver’s wellbeing, create fair competition and to keep workers and all other road users safe. Professional drivers know and respect these rules and regulations. They take pride in doing their job safely and efficiently.

The person with the HGV/PSV licence undermines the role of the professional driver, they don’t know the rules, they don’t take any pride in what they do, and they believe that safety and efficiency impedes their progress. This group of drivers are the ones who have no respect for service areas or customer toilets as a result the professional driver loses out on a vast range of services. They will drive out of hours which results in driving wages down to minimum wage or less in some cases. They have absolutely no respect for other professional drivers. They degrade the role of the professional driver.

The EPDA site is designed to support professional drivers. It is here to promote the role of the professional driver. It is here to get a collective opinion on topics that concern the professional driver. It is here to ensure that the agencies regulating the industry treat professional drivers with respect and that those agencies are equally treated respectfully by professional drivers. It is here to influence positive change for the role of the professional driver. 

It is in the interest of professional drivers to support the efforts of the EPDA. The professional driver must stand apart from the person with the HGV or Coach licence who has no respect for anyone or anything.

The EPDA is growing and it needs to get support from professional drivers who will commit some of their time to share information, conduct surveys and arrange meetings in their local area. If you can spare 2 hours a month, please email info ( @ )

Barry Lyons 
Chief Executive EPDA Ireland​