Update on the acceptance of double-manning in the European Union – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

According to information exchanged among IRU members, the large majority of EU Member States allow double-manning, whereby the multi-manning crew is composed of two drivers (Article 4, paragraph o)) of Regulation 561/2006.


Specific rules are applied in France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal where a social distance of 1 meter must be respected.

In the case of the UK, double-manning is not prohibited provided the following conditions are fulfilled:

– Minimise contact with colleagues and customers. Minimum contact is a combination of time and distance.

– When close contact is not required then you should be separated by at least two meters.

– Regular hand hygiene either using formal handwashing (best) or alcohol gel (good) is important.

– Do not bring hands to face/head (for instance to blow your nose) unless you have just washed/gelled hands.

– Dispose of any tissue used to blow nose and then wash/gel hands prior to any further action.

– If using gloves, change them if physical damage or visible contamination present or if physical damage, or as needed for operator comfort.

– If you use PPE, ensure that it (e.g. gloves and / or aprons) is removed safely when you have finished – this is the most important step – and safely disposed of.

The information on the UK is based on advice valid at the time of writing, but subject to change.

For the moment, we do not recommend to make use of double-manning in Hungary.

We shall keep monitoring the situation and inform members of any changes.

Source: IRU and exchange with IRU members

(28 March 2020)