Ireland – Speed Limit Review

Speed Limit Review

(Published 14 Sep 2023 by Department of Transport )

The Department of Transport has published the long-awaited Speed Limit Review, which addresses the fragmentation and inconsistency of speed limits on roads nationwide.

The report says that consistent and appropriate speed limits across the road network will increase road safety.

The Speed Limit Review, a high-impact action under the Government’s Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030, makes several recommendations.

Key proposals include:

  • The default speed limit on national secondary roads is reduced from 100km/h to 80km/h.
  • The default speed limit for the network of local and rural roads throughout the country to be reduced from 80km/h to 60km/h.
  • The default speed limit on urban roads, including built-up areas, housing estates, and town centres, to be reduced to 30km/h.

Arterial roads and radial routes around urban settings could remain at 50km/h. There are no proposed changes to the default speed limits on motorways, national primary roads or regional roads contained in the review.

The framework allows for some appropriate, upward variations where a road is deemed safe and sound quality on assessment by local authorities.

The Review was overseen by a working group co-chaired by the Department of Transport and the Road Safety Authority. It included representatives from An Garda Síochána, the National Transport Authority, Transport Infrastructure Ireland, and the City & County Management Association.

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