Changes at the EU border crossing for the professional drivers’ from February 2nd 2022

Changes for the professional drivers’ from February 2nd 2022, the border crossings must be documented on the tachograph.

After crossing the border, the driver must enter the symbol or the country name at the next possible stop at or after the border and not, as was previously the case, manually enter it in the tachograph at the delivery location.

The tachograph only allows this input when the vehicle is really stationary.

According to the regulations, the driver must stop in a suitable place for his vehicle – stopping briefly on the hard shoulder is prohibited.

In its guidelines, the EU Commission has stipulated that the entry “Start country” must be used on the VDO and EFAS tachograph. At Stoneridge tachograph this is called “start location”.


EU mobility package: These are the changes for transport operators.

The most important changes at a glance;

New posting rules and exceptions

Reporting procedures and carrying obligations

Extended scope of roadside checks

Reorganization of the risk rating system