24th May 2014

The EPDA AGM took place last weekend in Wynn’s Hotel Dublin, An opening presentation by Barry Lyons gave the delegates a clear view of the issues that where worked on by the EPDA and the programmes that they are currently undertaking. The contributions from the top table and the floor were extremely constructive and enlightening. The input from the floor gave strong support for the work in hand and gave the meeting Both William Brennan and Kevin Hurley emphasised that membership of the association is open to all professional drivers regardless of employment status. Employees and the self employed will benefit equally from Association representation.  To read more ……….click here

19th May 2014

Coke Bike Scheme was launched this week. Now Limerick, Cork and Galway will provide the public with access to a public bicycle scheme. A great initiative for a country that will according to a recent publication be the most obese country in Europe by 2030.

Professional Drivers will be all to well aware of the danger of mixing HGV traffic with cyclists. In a tow week period in November 2013 six cyclists were killed in London.  We have to highlight the dangers for cyclists and drivers in working in close proximity to HGV’s, buses and coaches.

The EPDA is putting together a working committee that will address the safety issues surrounding the growth in the cycling community and make recommendations that will help reduce the risk of accidents involving cyclists. To read the Coke Bike Scheme Press Release………..click here.  

18th May 2014

A report in the Irish Mirror by Garreth McNamee tells of an an accident that took place on Saturday the 17th May, when a 19 year old teenage girl was left in a critical condition after accident on Dame Street.  The picture, taken at the scene by a witness, Niall Harbinson shows the R Series stopped on Cork Hill out side City Hall.  A taxi driver who came across the accident said that the truck driver was so traumatised by the incident that he had to be sedated by ambulance men at the scene. It is reported that the accident took place at 07.00 on Saturday morning the 17th May Gardai are appealing for witnesses to contact Pearse St Garda station on 01 6669000, the Garda Confidential Line on 1800 666 111 or any Garda station.  

Jan 28th 2014

The current weather conditions have highlighted the need for
Governmental intervention to ensure that adequate rules and regulations are put
in place to ensure the safety of all road users. Drivers of high sided vehicles
are not protected from the dangers of taking vehicles onto the roads when high
winds are prevailing. Unlike the maritime industry which has very strict
guidelines and regulations on when ships can take to sea. Drivers who take HGV’s
out in snow and icy conditions are putting themselves and the lives of other
road users at risk.

While the picture of a HGV overturned by a force eight gale
is uncommon, it is none the less a most dangerous predicament to find yourself
in as a driver. What may be overlooked in such conditions are the near misses.
When a vehicle is blown off course or a trailer is blown out of line with the
tractor unit. Such incidents could be the cause of other vehicles being forced
off the road or forced into the path of other vehicles. Driving in such poor
weather conditions need to be managed by regulation in order to safeguard all
road users. One group who are at serious risk of danger when travailing near
HGV’s in poor weather conditions are cyclists.

Professional drivers would expect that the Health & Safety
Authority, the Road Safety Authority and the Department of Transport would act
and draw up a set of guidelines and regulations to ensure that professional drivers
can safely and without fear of recrimination from employers pull over their vehicles
when weather conditions reach a set limit or when the Meteorological Office
issues with a warning for HGV’s. For the responsibility to be borne by the
driver to know when not to drive a HGV in dangerous weather conditions is
unreasonable, unworkable, extremely dangerous and grossly unfair.

Like all workers Professional Drivers are entitled to receive
the protection of the HSA to ensure that their work place is protected and that
they are not exposed to dangers that they are not trained to deal with or
trained to identify when conditions are unsafe to work in.

4th November 2013

Dropping a trailer on the road could have very serious consequences for the driver, other road users and to the road transport industry. While the media see the recent accident outside James Gate as a novelty event, say it was a tanker with 40,000 litres of highly flammable liquid, what then would the headline read?  
Drivers have to have complete trust in the 5th wheel  coupling and the industry must have complete faith in the driver checking that the trailer is properly connected after hitching up.  
We don’t know for certain what happened to this driver but many of us know what could have happened. lets have a look at some possibilities…….

01 October 2013

McAuliffe Trucking drivers get locked up for a moment of

Judge James O’Connor jailed the three drivers who pleaded guilty
to dangerous driving at Tralee Circuit Court last week.

The matter came about when a member of the public viewed and
reported a video clip of the drivers racing on a main public road to the

Drivers Lorcan Regan (20) Slawomir Kupiec (36) Krzysztof Sokolowski (33) admitted the offence and will spend two days behind bars and have their licences endorsed. 
This was a moment of madness carried out by three very misguided drivers. In the video one can see that the three trucks racing three abreast one on the hard shoulder one in the single lane and the other in the oncoming
lane, one can see why a member of the public would report this and why a judger would take such a serious view of the event.

5th September 2013
A multiple crash involving over 100 vehicles took place today on the Sheppey Bridge Crossing near Sheerness in Kent, south England. The incident took place in dense fog during early morning rush hour. Police are investigating the exact cause of the collision. Visibility was down to 20 meters and as professional drivers would know, this distance would be travelled in 1 second at 80Kph.
This incident brings us back to the major collisions that took place on the N9 and N7 in Co. Kildare in March 2007 when a similar incident happened in thick fog. Drivers should be aware that the current weather conditions could see dense fog form on our road network. Two musts when fog appears 1. Be seen 2. Reduce speed.


28th August 2013
Artic catches fire on M50

A driver had a lucky escape when his R420 caught
fire on the M50 today. Emergency services were quickly on the scene

23rd August 2013 
50 year old truck driver dies in accident.
Gardaí in Co. Offaly are investigating a road
traffic accident in which a 50 year old driver lost his life. More…..

15th August 2013

Cyclist loses life in accident with Superquinn Truck in Dublin
A tragic accident this morning has cost the life of a young cyclist in
Dublin.  A truck delivering for Superquinn operated by Wincanton was
involved. The circumstances surrounding the accident are not yet clear.
Members of the  EPDA would like to send out their deepest sympathies to the family, friends and colleagues of the young woman. Read more

European Commission Launched Consultation Into Driver CPC 

The EU have launched a 14 week consultation into the Driver CPC which closes on the 25th of October. We have now had the first five years of the process in Ireland and driver feedback has been mixed. Driver opinion on the positive front show that the Driver CPC has given drivers an opportunity to avail of uniformed professional training while on the negative side the structure and some of the content undermines the credibility of the training.

If you have an opinion on how the training could be improved we would welcome your opinion. The EPDA will be making its submission to the Commission in October. To submit your views or ideas please visit our Driver CPC Blog  click here…

Driver CPC Qualification Deadline Ends For Bus & Coach Drivers 

The first of the acquired rights term for Driver Qualification cards is now coming to an end. By the 10th of September 2013 bus and coach drivers will have to have five modules of the Driver CPC completed in order to receive their entitlement to the Driver Qualification Card. Driving a coach or bus without qualifying for a Driver Qualification Card after the 10th of September will incur a fine of € 2,000 for a driver and a fine of up to €5,000 for the vehicle owner or an employer who allows a driver to drive without the relevant qualification. 

Driver Qualification Card Application Now Available

You can now apply for your driver qualification card by sending a text with your driver number along with the letter Y and your surname to 51444. By providing the letter Y in the message you are allowing the RSA to use your photo and signature from your digital card. 

So here is what the message should read like. 

234567891 Y Lynch and then text it to 51444. 

Simple but remember to put a space between the driver number and the Y and between your Surname 

You can find your Driver Number, which is the nine digit number on your driving licence  item 5 or item 4d on the new plastic card driving licence or item 5a on your digi card. 

Walk Around Checks Will Save You From Being Fined For Not Having Lights Working


Motorists with broken or inappropriate lights are to be targeted at dedicated garda checkpoints in a two-day campaign. Gardaí will hand out €60 on-the-spot fines to drivers with faulty headlights in Operation Light Up safety initiative, which takes place tomorrow and Thursday. Road Safety Authority Chief Executive Noel Brett said defective lighting is one of the biggest complaints for Irish road users. He said that 550,000 cars, or one in five of the national fleet, were found to have defective lights at the NCT in 2012.Gardaí will also target motorists using fog Lights there is no fog or falling snow, as they can dazzle, distract other drivers and cause collisions.

Assistant Garda Commissioner Gerard Phillips said they are advising the public of the checkpoints, as they want motorists to fix the issue rather than get fined.He said: “In simple terms, a one-headlight car could be mistaken for a motorcycle or make it impossible for you to see that pedestrian out walking because you have reduced your range of vision by 50%.”
After seven years of sustained reduction in deaths on Irish roads, there has not been a good start to 2013.

A total of 31 people have died so far this year on the roads, which is 13 more than the same time last year.

This is how drivers get caught doing dangerous things behind the wheel in the UK

15th February

A driver working
for a well known Dublin haulier was detained by police in the UK today for talking on a phone while driving….read more

This is the dramatic moment a driver found himself balanced on
the edge of a bridge on the M6 in the UK. The Fridge loaded with tinned food was dangerously close to falling off the M6….read more 

Cold weather front moving in. With this front expect sleet and snow on higher ground. Our most dangerous weather condition Fog will be more dense and frequent so make the necessary preparations. For useful  information on driving in fog read more…..
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