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Costs associated with being a professional driver have been on the increase since 2006.  The Sate have introduced a number of requirements that drivers must cover the cost of in order to comply with the regulations. An increase in the cost of the driver licence, the introduction of the digital driver card and annual Driver CPC training have to be paid for by the driver.

The two are the most contentious issues for drivers are Driver CPC training and the cost of the Digital Card. Many drivers have contacted the Association complaining about the Driver CPC course and the poor value for time and money that is being provided by many of the training organisations. Drivers complain about the content being repeated and lack of a credible certification process. It is viewed by many drivers as a box ticking exercise at the expense of drivers.

In relation to the Digital Driver Card the cost of the online application is €45 while Drivers in Northern Ireland and the UK pay £19 (€23) for the same card. At twice the price is the Irish Driver being asked to subsidise the RSA administration to the tune of € 150,000 a year?   In the ten years that the Digital Card has been in existence that would equate to a whopping € 1.5 million out of drivers pockets. There may be drivers who get replacement cards in other jurisdictions because of their nationality. Are we being over charged?

The Driver CPC training costs the driver approximately € 50 for the days training, along with missing a day’s pay for the compulsory 7 hours class room attendance required. An approximate average days pay would be € 110 plus the € 50 for training and travel and subsistence of € 15, the overall cost to the drivers in Ireland is approximately € 5 million per year, is this value for money? Could we do better with this money?    
Should ADR, Fire Fighting and Occupational First Aid courses count towards periodic Driver CPC training?  
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