The professional driver has been the backbone of the road transport sector since before the formation of the state. However because of the isolated nature of the role and the irregular working patterns, drivers have never been able to communicate directly their views to the authorities and agencies charged with road traffic and transport legislation. 

Driver’s interests have been represented by employer and employee representative bodies. Communicating ideas, concerns and information has always been through a third party, diluting the message and more importantly not communicating responses. 

Through the EPDA drivers can now make their views, ideas and opinions known without the assistance of employers or unions. The EPDA gathers and communicates the matters that concern professional drivers directly to the necessary communities. The main aim of the Association is to enrich the lives of the professional driver. The role of the driver continues to evolve to meet the demands of industry and the social community. Technology is playing a greater part in the road transport sector and the professional driver embraces the benefits of technological advancements. Professional drivers have a wealth of information and experience that can be used to make our roads safer and can also make the role of the driver less of a health risk than it currently is. 

Professional Drivers are those people who predominantly drive for a living. This represents a diverse group of industries and social groups. To date the EPDA has concentrated on the role of the driver required to abide by drivers hours regulations however there are many professional drivers on the roads who do not come under the scope of drivers hours and tachograph regulations. It would be remiss of the association not to include these drivers as they also need to know what and who increases their health risks while on the road. 

The EPDA welcomes any professional driver who feels that they can give of their time to enhance the image and the nature of the role. If you feel that you can represent the views of your fellow drivers please complete the contact sheet.