Professional Drivers can find themselves in extremely difficult circumstances which has been highlighted in this tragic case of the loss of 39 human lives. 

Some migrants can be desperate and have nothing to lose. The may have been living in extremely poor and inhumane conditions.

Never be forced or tempted to traffic a migrant.

Always seek the assistance of the local police force when faced with a trafficking issue.

Never take the law into your own hands. 

Report any suspicious activity in or around parking or service areas.

Remember these are people just like you who are looking for a better life, but have found themselves in dire circumstances. They have been misinformed and it is up to the Authorities to provide for them. 

Treat them with respect and dignity.    

This is a horrific case of 39 innocent people sent to their death. 

​Professional Drivers have had to deal with the migrant crisis in  Calais and other Ports for years. Drivers have said on many occasions that matters were getting out of hand. Migrants were becoming more desperate to cross the channel to the UK and the levels of violence towards drivers was growing over the years.  The agencies responsible for looking after the European borders have a lot to answer for on this occasion. European Governments who have presided over the migration crisis should bow their heads in shame. 

Why do professional drivers  transporting goods have to be subjected to this sort of horrific situation? Who is protecting the professional driver here? Nobody is the answer, nobody listens to the driver, looks out for the driver or cares for the drivers welfare. Safe and secure parking is a serious issue for drivers and nothing meaningful is being done about it. The driver is being put in extremely difficult and stressful situations. How can you sleep in your truck knowing that someone may covertly break in. 

Professional Drivers need to continue to be vigilant when collecting loads from ports or transiting borders.

Use the CO2 lanes when available.

Avoid parking in isolated areas.

Always check CMR’s match collection and delivery addresses. If any doubt exists contact your office or your customer. 

Always check seals numbers match those on the CMR.

If you have any doubts about a load you are collecting or have collected or are concerned about a load you are pulling, contact the local police and ask them for assistance.