Driver Testing at the World Professional Driver Championships


The World Professional Driver Championships are held every two years. The event is organised by the Union of International Chauffeurs and Routiers (UICR). There are two events running together the driver skills event and the ECO driving event.

The 2021 Championships are being held in Zagreb in August. The event is being hosted by the Croatian member Over twenty countries are expected to compete. It is a very special event, when the best in the world come together to compete.

The Driver competition consists of six separate categories.

Van less than 3.5 tons


Driver Skills Test At World Professional Driver Championships

Skills Test

Rigid truck

Rigid truck with draw bar trailer

Articulated Truck and Trailer

Young Driver Under 25 years




Drivers are tested in three areas which consist of  twelve separate skills tests,  one knowledge test and a practical test. The knowledge test consists of twenty four questions covering International Law, vehicle safety and vehicle technology. The practical test will see a driver identify a hidden problem with the vehicle or its load.

Each of the skills twelve skills tests will demonstrate the drivers ability to accurately maneuver the vehicle through the course with pin point accuracy within a time limit. All of the vehicles parameters are tested. The drivers concentration will be at its highest during the test, any little laps of concentration can have catastrophic consequences.

The ECO driving competition is an on the road driving challenge in a loaded articulated vehicle. Drivers take the same route and the driver who uses the least amount of fuel while observing all of the road rules and regulations is deemed the winner.

In all competitions all drivers drive the same competition vehicles.

If you are interested in entering as an individual you can simply head out to a regional final and compete. If you are within a company, you can run your own internal competition which will be judged by a member of the governing body and your winner or winners can go through to the National final.


Ireland’s national final will take place on July 3rd & 4th at the Full of the Pipe Truck Show in Punchestown. Regional finals are taking place in April and May.

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