Training Videos

How to.....

How to fit snow chains
A video on how to fit snow chains
Drive an Auto Down Hill in Snow
How To Drive Down Hill In Snow

Braking Systems

Pneumatic Braking System 1
An over view of braking systems part 1.
Pneumatic Braking System 2
An pneumatic overview of braking systems part 2

From The Drivers Seat

The life of a long distance driver
A look at the difficulties in getting drivers to take up the role of the long distance driver
Sweatshop on Wheels
A look into the trucking Industry in the USA.
Men Who Sleep In Trucks
An interview of UK drivers
I feel kike a prisoner in my truck
Who's Driving
An interview with a driver who had the opportunity of a college career but instead chose to drive a truck.
Technology to replace Truck Drivers
The trucking industry needs more drivers to meet rising demand, especially from retailers who are under pressure to deliver to customers as fast as Amazon. A trucker's lifestyle — which requires long hours on the road, heavy lifting and weeks away from home on long hauls — hasn't appealed to younger workers. Self-driving and semi-autonomous trucks, like those in development at Embark, TuSimple and Tesla, could help fill the gap.


How a Manual Gearbox Works
A basic understanding of how a syncromesh gearbox works
How A Differential Works
A look at the workings of a differential
Dual Clutch
Dual Clutch Technology Explained
How A Dry Friction Clutch Works
Thie video will show how a clutch works in a manual gearbox. Its important for professional drivers to know how this component works to ensure proper use. It is the same for an automated gear box.

Power Plants

Turbo Compounding
The benefits of a turbo compound engine
Compressed Natural Gas
How CNG works in Volvo
How Euro Six Works
How the Euro 6 standard is met by Renault
The Hydrodynamic Retarder
How a hydrodynamic retarder works
The Engine Brake
How an Engine Brake Works.
Engine Cooling System
Key component parts of the engine cooling system
Common Rail Fuel Injection
How Common Rail Fuel Injection Works
How A Diesel Engine Works
A basic view of how a compression ignition engine works

ADR Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods by Ferry
This video highlights the issues of load security and placarding on freight carried by ferry operators.