The Professional Driver Register (PDR) is designed to promote the role of the Professional Driver.

Currently all professional drivers must have a driving licence for the category of vehicle they are driving, a driver qualification card and a digital driver card. There is no system in place that recognises driver skills, competencies or experience.

However certain stakeholders within the industry do apply certain criteria to difference between drivers. An example of this would be insurance companies who will only insure drivers with two years driving experience. Therefore experience counts for something but it is not recognised by the Authorities. It is the state that approve drivers to drive however the industry has a different view on the ability of drivers to take on the role. This is one of the reasons why the PDR will benefit the industry.

The PDR will record all data supplied by the driver in the course of their career. The PDR will be be accessible in all member states and each state will maintain its drivers records. A common set of standards will be applied so that ll member states can follow.

Driver education will be a key feature of the PDR. The aim of education section will be to ensure that drivers are aware of the need for additional career training.A standard of training that meets the needs of the Professional Driver will be a key factor in approving training programmes. The PDR will look to specialist organisations to provide the highest levels of training.