The EPDA is a voluntary organisation. The Association is overseen by an Executive Committee made up of seven members. Many of the members head up committees that deal with specific subjects


Walter Pisarnik

The President of the EPDA

Walter has a wealth of local, national and international driving experience as a professional driver.

Now specializing in the digital tachograph he is an expert with EU driver hours regulations and he is always willing to help any professional driver to solve his/her little problem.

His daily work as a director of a transport compliance services company, Walter fully understands the issues around managing the needs of the professional drivers’


Barry Lyons

The Chairman of the Executive Committee

His role is to manage the resources of the Association.

Like Walter, Barry has extensive local, national and international professional driving experience in goods and passenger transport.

Barry is an RSA approved DCPC  trainer, a digital tachograph train the trainer instructor, a tachograph and driver card analyst and has the transport management CPC plus a director of very highly respected driver agency, but his hard is in driving any commercial vehicle from >3.5t to 40t, plus any professional driver health and social well being.


Kevin Hurley, is Secretary of the Association. He plays a significant role in managing regulatory compliance issues with the Association.

Brendan Conlon, is a very experienced HGV driver. Brendan ran a very successful international haulage firm for fifteen years. He is in charge of the management of the Irish Professional Driver Team, who competes in the UICR Professional World Driver Championships.

Mark White, is an experienced HGV driver and currently is transport operations director for a delivery fleet in the pharma industry. works on all aspects of driver education. Researching educational material and processes is a key function for the Association.

Joe Doyle, is a transport manager with a specialist moving and storage company operating across Europe. Joe heads up a committee that reviews the technology implications on the role of the professional driver.

Declan McGinn has a degree in logistics. Currently a HGV driver. Working closely with the UICR he ensures that competition rules are clearly understood and that skills equipment is designed to meet competition standards.

William Brennan is a practising solicitor. He advises the Association on all legal matters and provides access to legal services for Association members.