Professional Drivers Father’s Day Bikers Outing

Join your fellow Professional Drivers for a Sunday morning spin through Wicklow and Wexford.   Guys These points are part of the Irish Photo Rally. There should be plenty of bends on the way and when we arrive in Wexford the spin home can be quickly back up the M11 or some may choose the […]

Improvement in Performance for the New Hino Trucks

With the release of the new 300 Series Light-duty truck, there is also an improvement in performance for the new Hino trucks, with a new model being introduced for those looking for even more oomph. Hino claims to offer the World the most powerful Japanese-built light-duty truck range and this claim has been further advanced […]

Computing Power Fitted into new heavy commercial vehicles – HCV, MHCV and MHBC

The amount of computing power fitted into a truck as a matter of course has multiplied considerably in recent years. the amount of data flying around in a CANbus on a Euro6 truck is many times greater than that used in its Euro5 predecessor. The truck system is no longer a central ECU with a […]

CBD Oil – Driver Licence Warning

Recently sitting in a reception area, I picked up a magazine and read an article about CBD oil. The article mentioned a driver in the USA who lost his licence after testing positive for drugs. The driver said that he never took marijuana but did take CBD oil. This prompted me to ask our friends […]

France clarify driver rest-period rules and announce fines

The French authorities have confirmed that drivers of vehicles up 3.5 tons cannot serve their daily and weekly rest periods onboard their vehicles. Doing so could result in a fine of 1,500 euros. Roof sleeping cabins and tents are not allowed. France declares the ban on taking rest periods in vehicles up to 3.5 t. […]

Sunshine in Zagreb and Not a Driver to be Seen

It’s a pleasant 28 degrees in Zagreb. World Professional Championship Teams should be making their final adjustments to their world tile challenge. On Thursday competing teams would have arrived from all over the globe, by planes, trains and automobiles. Competitors would test out the trucks, coaches and vans which would be used in the competition […]

Drivers Must Have Access To Toilet Facilities

Many companies are taking very necessary precautions to prevent the spread of Covid 19. Denying drivers access to toilets is not one of them. Like many other front line worker’s, drivers play an essential part in ensuring that the economy functions. Food, fuel, essential factory and medical supplies must all be transported by truck. Which […]

Is Driver CPC making a positive impact on the role of the professional driver?

Why would you recommend a person to take up driving as a profession?

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