About the EPDA

The EPDA held its inaugural meeting in the Gandon Inn, Co, Laois  in 2004. Since that the Association uses a number of hotels to hold meetings. The AGM is held in Wynns Hotel, Abbey Street Dublin every February. The Association

The Gandon Inn Emo Co. Laois

The Executive Committee are charged with the day to day management of the Association. Sub committees are charged with supporting and reporting on projects that the Association actively participate in with partners organisations. The Association since its inception, has been very active in promoting the role of the professional driver. The EPDA Driver Wellness Study was the largest study undertaken in Europe of the health of long haul truck and coach drivers. Currently the Association are working on two key projects the Professional Driver Register and the Driver Education Academy. These two projects along with representations made to State bodies and Educational Institutions across Europe take up the bulk of the Associations resources.


All members are volunteers. The Association is funded through membership fees, sponsorship and donations. The Executive Committee meet 10 times per year with sub committees meeting in line with their project commitments.


All members are experienced professional drivers, with some members now working in transport management. One of the core values of the Association is to encourage drivers to get actively involved in developing their skills and knowledge to the benefit of the road transport sector.  For some stakeholders it has become apparently obvious that the role of the professional driver has adopted new dimensions to the job which require a higher level of trained and experienced individual to deliver on. The EPDA fully understand this and work tirelessly to raise this matter with all involved in road transport.


The question ” Are you a union” is frequently asked when Association members are introduced. The Executive Committee held a vote to deal with this matter and it was passed unanimously that members would never discuss the issue of pay. This allows EPDA members to get on with the very important work that they have to do without distraction. The EPDA is a collection of like minded people who are committed to developing and supporting the role of the professional driver. Our policies are focused on, encouraging young people to enter the industry, retaining current professional drivers, reducing the gender imbalance, raising professional standards, provide access to education and advanced training. The EPDA fully understands the importance of respect and the benefits its brings to both the individual and to all of the areas that the professional driver interacts with. “Respect is Earned not Given” is an EPDA Signpost.


In 2018 the EPDA joined the Union of International Chauffeurs and Routiers UICR. In 2019 two EPDA members were appointed special advisers to the UICR Board. It is important that the EPDA continues to expand through special interest partnerships and associations.